The visitor verification process must be utilized by all chapters to determine if a person is a member in good standing with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. prior to granting admittance to chapter meetings and virtual Membership Intake Ritualistic Ceremonies (Pyramid Induction, and Initiation).

The steps that a chapter must take to verify membership are the following:

  1. The chapter should provide a visitor the Member Verification Form (located in the Red Zone > Member Management > Actions > Verification of Membership) on the chapter’s website, or via email (if the chapter does not have a website).  The visiting soror must complete and submit the pre-verification form at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled start of the virtual meeting or virtual event or virtual Ritualistic, Membership Intake Ceremony.
  2. Appropriate materials to verify a soror’s membership should include the submission of a copy of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. membership card, and/or membership certificate, and/or letter of verification, and/or membership number along with the visitor pre-certification form.  
  3. The submitted pre-verification form must be forwarded to the chapter’s Sergeant-at-Arms (or appropriate chapter officer) to confirm that the requesting soror is a member  in good standing with the Sorority.  This is accomplished by reviewing the Sorority’s national website disciplinary action section.  The disciplinary action site lists all sorors/members who have been placed on suspension, or have been expelled from the organization.
  4. Upon completion of the review by the Sergeant-at-Arms (or appropriate chapter officer), the form should be forwarded to the Financial Secretary or the appropriate officer with Red Zone access, (e.g., President or Primary Advisor) for verification of membership via the Sorority’s Red Zone.  
  5. The Financial Secretary verifies the member information in the Red Zone and sends the member verification form back to the Sergeant-at-Arms indicating the soror has been verified to attend the meeting or event.  
  6. The Sergeant-at-Arms compiles a list of the sorors verified for visitation and forwards the listing to the Technology chair (or appropriate chapter officer) for distribution of the invitation (corresponding link) to attend the chapter’s virtual meeting.  
  7. If the Financial Secretary is unable to verify the person’s membership, cannot find the person in the Red Zone, or denotes that the member is not in good standing, then the following step should be taken.  

Please note that in most cases National Headquarters can verify membership within 1 business day (if submitted Monday-Thursday).  Verification requests submitted on Fridays are not guaranteed to be fulfilled same day.  Additionally, National Headquarters continues to operate remotely during this global pandemic (COVID-19), and thereby requests that required verification via a members’ Initiation Card, could take up to 5 business days.