Vanessa GrantGreetings Sorors & Friends:

As the First Vice President, charged with governing our more than thirty-three public outreach programs and initiatives, I invite you to explore the committees represented here to garner an aerial perspective of what we are doing to inform, advocate for, and provide services to the most vulnerable and under-served District residents — particularly  those in our service area of Wards 5, 7 and 8.

Under the Program Planning and Development Committee (PPD), we execute our national directives and initiatives based on the sorority’s Five-Point Programmatic Thrust, tailored to meet the needs of our community as follows:

Δ Arts & Letters Committee
Δ Economic Development Committee
Δ Educational Development Committee
Δ International Awareness & Involvement Committee
Δ Physical & Mental Health Committee
Δ Social Action Committee (Political Awareness & Involvement)

In addition to the above initiatives, we have our Signature Programs that include the following:

Δ Claudia L. McKoin Public Service Training Academy
Δ Delta G.E.M.S. (Growing & Empowering Myself Successfully)
Δ Dr. Betty Shabazz Academy
Δ Mind Your Health
Δ Community Day

Join us as we continue our more than 50 years of enriching lives through service.

Yours In Dedicated Service,

Vanessa Grant
First Vice President