Fitness Challenge 2019 . . . Journey 2 Wellness


To promote friendly competitive exercise and wellness activities for the overall health and wellbeing of Chapter members pursuant to our national directive to incorporate physical fitness and mental health into Chapter initiatives. This challenge is open to all Chapter members except the Health Committee Chairs.


Commencing January 5, 2019 through May 30, 2019, Sorors will compete by groups for prizes as they meet health screenings, personal fitness goals, fitness challenges and mental health stress relief activities. Points will be awarded for various screenings and activities with the top three highest scorers in each group winning. All Sorors will receive a gift for participating. The groups are established according to aged-based screening tests recommended for women by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Forced and are as follows:

Δ Fortitude (39 and younger)
Δ Crimson & Creme (40-49)
Δ Minerva (50-64)
Δ Wisdom (65 & better)

Tracking & Reporting

Electronic tools have been designed to track fitness goals and to document individual progress. Additionally, the National Institute on Aging has donated 150 “Exercise & Physical Activity” guides for those Sorors wanting to maintain a handwritten log. To protect confidentiality, no medical information needs to be disclosed; only recording of dates the tests were completed is necessary. This is an honor system, but Sorors are encouraged to have fun with sharing progress such as posting daily results from activity trackers (Fitbit, FuelBand, Samsung GearFit2, etc.), capturing selfies while engaged in activity, etc. which can be posted in SLACK and our private FB group. The Committee will report monthly progress to recognize Sorors for their achievements.

Fitness Challenge Pledge

Take the Fitness Challenge Pledge by downloading the form, completing it, and submitting it to the committee. 

Allocation of Points

The points are awarded as follows:

Δ Health Screenings 20 points each
Δ Daily Exercise/Fitness 1 point per minute (Walk 15 mins= 15 points)
Δ Health Committee Activity 25, 30, or 50 points (TBD based on activity)
Δ Mental Health Stress Relievers 1 point each activity

Additional Information

Click additional information to access Mental Health Stress Relievers

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