The Federal City Alumnae Chapter through its Charitable Giving Program gives priority to organizations and events that align with our focus areas of Economic Development, Educational Development, International Awareness and Involvement, Physical and Mental Health, and Political Awareness and Involvement.

In addition to focus area alignment, charitable donation requests are reviewed to ensure they will successfully:

  • Advance The FCAC’s core value of serving and improving communities within its service area
  • Provide positive exposure consistent with The FCAC’s brand
  • Create opportunities to reach targeted audiences and build relationships
  • Demonstrate innovative approaches to address a defined social issue

Charitable Giving Request Form


 The following criteria will be used to determine whether a requesting organization is eligible to receive charitable donations:

  • Organizations requesting support must have 501(c) (3) status and be in good standing as determined by the IRS.
  • Requests are only accepted via the Charitable Giving request form.
  • Requests must be received by March 31st.
  • No multi-year commitments will be considered
  • All awards must be cleared by June 30th.
  • Organizations requesting support must have in place nondiscrimination policies and procedures with respect to race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Support is provided for specific programs and related needs rather than for general funding.
  • Support is provided to organizations whose programs benefit residents within the geographic confines of the District of Columbia, unless otherwise noted in this policy.
  • Support is provided for programs and initiatives that are aligned with FCAC’s local program priorities.
  • Support is provided for initiatives that are aligned with Delta Sigma Theta’s national and international programmatic thrusts and for whom contributions are requested or encouraged by the national leadership.


  • Capital campaigns, building or equipment projects
  • Raffles
  • Transportation and travel expenses
  • Partisan political organizations
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Salaries
  • Loans or investments
  • Research studies
  • Athletic teams, events, or sponsorships
  • Animal related programs, including shelters
  • Merchandise for fundraisers and auctions (Door prizes, gift certificates, or other giveaways)
  • Symposiums, conferences, conventions, professional association meetings, seminars
  • Individual primary and secondary school events such as proms, graduations, PTA groups, etc.
  • Merchandise promotions, partnerships or advertising
  • General awareness campaigns
  • Development or production of books, films, videos, television programs, or websites
  • Parties, celebrations, parades, and festivals
  • Deficit funding
  • Membership in religious, political, labor, or fraternal organizations.  The term membership implies the paying of dues to religious, political, labor, or fraternal organizations.  This exclusion does not prohibit contributions to other Greek letter organizations. 
  • Religious organizations for sectarian purposes, political associations or organizations with strictly a sports focus
  • Individual capital or endowment campaigns.

 If there is need for more information, The FCAC Charitable Giving Committee will contact the organization directly.